Energy as a Service

PowerSecure has a strong history of providing innovative solutions through its vertically integrated delivery model, by providing energy resiliency or energy solutions under a managed service offering. This provides the benefits of exceptional energy resiliency, and superior economic benefit, while receiving the highest reliability in the industry under a flexible service model.

As the largest provider of microgrids in the United States, PowerSecure can provide the right integration of technologies together, while also providing competitive and comprehensive commercial structures that achieve business objectives and enable customers to focus capital and resources on their core business. PowerSecure’s comprehensive Resiliency or Energy as a Service offering includes our fully vertically integrated suite of services — ranging from engineering to ongoing operation of the energy systems over a long-term contract. The “as a Service” offers fixed budgets over the long term, reduces the risk associated with the energy assets, and the ability to focus attention on core business activities.

Benefits of Energy as a Service

PowerSecure’s managed service offering provides significant benefits which include:

Fixed Operational Budget

Fees under a managed service offering is fixed and known over the contract term, so budgeting is seamless.

Cost competitive

Managed to provide the services cost competitively while ensuring a high quality of service.


Customers choose how much risk and responsibility they want to transfer or retain related to the microgrid or energy system.  PowerSecure establishes the managed service offering to meet the business objectives.


Commercial transaction process is efficient, allowing the time to be focused on executing the projects to drive value quickly.

Reliability & Resiliency

Modular and redundant power ensures facilities stay powered all the time.

Reduced Emissions

PowerSecure’s microgrid and energy systems are designed to reduce business emission profiles and support meeting critical Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) targets.

Maximizes Economic Value

Customers maintain the economic value from the microgrid or energy system, which offsets the managed service fee.

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The managed service offering may not fit every business objective, but capital may not be readily available to support implementation of a microgrid or other energy systems. PowerSecure offers alternative financing structures including capital leases, operating lease, and power purchase agreements to support executing your next microgrid or energy system.

Read Funding Microgrids: CAPEX versus OPEX to learn the difference between capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operational expenditure (OPEX).

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