Cloud services are being used at increasingly higher levels in today’s rapidly evolving digital environment. Data center operators need reliable backup energy systems that can provide numerous points of resiliency. Data centers are vital to today’s businesses, having to store, analyze, communicate and transport multiple petabytes of information that must remain accessible 24 hours a day, every day of the year. With unplanned outages causing devastating impacts on operations and revenue, PowerSecure recognizes that resiliency is key for businesses that rely on data centers. Our systems are designed and manufactured with the latest technologies that provide clean, efficient standby power for uninterrupted service. Our solutions deliver cost effective redundancy compared to traditional backup power systems while producing 10-16x less emissions per kW*. Third-party audits of our database — comprising 50,000+ datapoints from over 1,600 systems deployed across the U.S. — confirm that PowerSecure is responsible for the highest documented power reliability in the industry.

*EPA Tier 2 vs Tier 4 PM and NOx regulations

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I take pride in building the best project on time and on budget that is possible with resources provided. Our partnership with PowerSecure helps us meet these objectives every time.”

“We rely on PowerSecure to do what they say they’re going to do, and we manage to that expectation. They’re a mission-critical company that understands data centers.”
– Howard Yates, EdgeCore senior project manager of design and construction


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