Commercial and industrial entities lean heavily on energy for their daily operations. From round-the-clock activities to the use of energy-intensive equipment, reliable power is a vital component of robust plans and contingencies to ensure businesses – particularly larger enterprises – have operational continuity. Unplanned outages pose an increasing concern for many businesses, which lead to revenue losses as well as safety concerns and health risks for employees. Restoring normal facility operations after an outage as soon as possible is an absolute must, yet restoring operations can be a difficult process. From simple to the most complex, PowerSecure has a robust portfolio of on-site and off-site energy solutions for your business.

We have conducted over 1,700 installations coast-to-coast, providing completely new systems or retrofitting existing ones — PowerSecure’s on-site generators are guaranteed to power full loads for as long as necessary, reducing costs and improving facility emergency preparedness and overall performance.

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In 2009, when an ice storm hit Northwest Arkansas and Kentucky, knocking out power for millions of customers, Cargill ran their generators for six days straight in order to keep producing. We were the only facility in this area to continue processing products. If the plant had been closed for those six days, it would have cost about $1.2 million.”
– Jim Edwards, Cargill engineering manager


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A Tampa, Florida ministries is ready for the next hurricane season — and the thousands of people it may need to feed and shelter — thanks to a new Power Secure microgrid.

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Isaias’ punch to the East Coast last week in many ways resembled that of Superstorm Sandy, the storm that eight years ago launched a drive for microgrids to ward off power outages.

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Let’s say microgrid developer PowerSecure has been asked to price out the feasibility of a microgrid at a retail grocery store in Wisconsin.

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