The relationship between retail companies and customers is a two-way street: while retailers rely on a consistent stream of customer, customers rely on consistent service. Power outages hinder a company’s ability to complete transactions, keep stores open and maintain reliable service, negatively impacting foot traffic and thus sales. PowerSecure recognizes that when it comes to the daily business conducted by retail companies, resiliency and reliability of power systems is key. Moreover, quicker power restorations and increased energy efficiency through PowerSecure allow for saved costs to be devoted to other important retailer considerations, such as labor, rent, and business growth activities.

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In 2009, when an ice storm hit Northwest Arkansas and Kentucky, knocking out power for millions of customers, Cargill ran their generators for six days straight in order to keep producing. We were the only facility in this area to continue processing products. If the plant had been closed for those six days, it would have cost about $1.2 million.”
– Jim Edwards, Cargill engineering manager


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