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PowerSecure understands utilities are facing a growing number of challenges: increase in the number of adverse weather events, rising cost of grid infrastructure upgrades, increased introduction of customer owned renewable energy, and a revenue model that challenges keeping pace with their needs to address these and other challenges. With over 300 utility partnerships spanning across Investor Owned Utilities, Electric Cooperatives and Municipally Owned Utilities we have the experience to draw upon to assist in serving a wide variety of customer needs. PowerSecure solutions focus on assisting electric utilities achieve their goals associated with consumer efficiency, system reliability and resiliency, and return on investment. PowerSecure is the leading provider of these solution for electric utilities and their customers.

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The savings Berlin expects to realize from utilizing the generators during times of peak usage will enable our customers to continue to realize the lowest kilowatt-hour rate of any of the 35 Pennsylvania Municipal Electric Systems and/or those charged by most Investor-Owned Utilities.”
– Tom Jones, Berlin Borough executive secretary


Only PowerSecure spent time to ensure and verify that all of HG&E’s requirements and expectations were met or exceeded through the bid process. Generators of this size that are used for both emergency and paralleling mode are not overly common.”
– Brian Beauregard, HG&E Electric Division superintendent


The microgrid provides an opportunity to test the integration of new grid resources and technologies and serves as a case study for how agriculture and electric utilities – two of North Carolina’s most important industries – can work together to enhance the state’s rural communities.”
– North Carolina Electric Cooperative


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PowerSecure is a leading provider of innovative energy solutions to electric utilities and their industrial, institutional, and commercial customers. The company is a pioneer in developing distributed power systems and the integration of distributed energy resources in a sophisticated microgrid. PowerSecure has installed and controls over 2 gigawatts (GW) of distributed generation systems across the U.S.

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Microgrids 101: Give Your Customers And Community A Reliable Source of PowerOpen Tab Image

Power outages are intolerable. Paying peak period energy prices is painful. Microgrids offer an attractive solution to both of these challenges. Today’s innovative microgrid electric systems deliver standby power generation to commercial/industrial accounts, entire neighborhoods, and even the utility itself. Choosing to deploy microgrids can give your utility customers the reliable, resilient, and cost-effective electric services they demand.

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How are Utilities Supporting Distributed Energy Resources During the COVID-19 Crisis?Open Tab Image

COVID-19 is hitting the economy hard and companies that develop microgrids and other distributed energy resources (DERs) are not immune. But there are ways that utilities can help them — and several are.

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Microgrids as a Non-spinning SubstituteOpen Tab Image

PowerSecure, a subsidiary of Southern Company, has developed 125 advanced microgrids and manages more than 1,700 microgrids and advanced distributed energy sites. Below Mark Martyak, chief sales officer of PowerSecure-Distributed Infrastructure, explains in an interview with Kevin Normandeau, publisher, Microgrid Knowledge, how microgrids can become a “non-spinning substitute for spinning reserves,” which is crucial as we add more renewable resources to the grid.

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What Do You Need to Know to Reduce Utility Charges with a Microgrid?Open Tab Image

Let’s say microgrid developer PowerSecure has been asked to price out the feasibility of a microgrid at a retail grocery store in Wisconsin.

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Smart Neighborhood Wins Smart Grid AwardOpen Tab Image

Alabama Power’s Smart Neighborhood integrates a microgrid into a community filled with high-performance homes containing energy-efficient systems and connected appliances. The innovative initiative, which includes solar panels, battery storage, and a natural gas-fired backup generator, connects 62 homes with a future-focused system. The project serves not only as a model for new residential communities, but lessons learned could also benefit existing customers in more-established communities.

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